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"Disaster risk reduction is too important to be left to the experts. Risk reduction begins at home, in schools, places of work and worship and throughout our local communities."

Margaret Wahlstrom, Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Emergency Relief Coordinator at the United Nations

92% of the world has no safety plan at home, 
97% doesn't know what to do after a disaster.

What is Emergency Preparedness?
Understanding the threats and hazards to you and your family and making plans in advance.

A family emergency plan answers questions.
It engages the families in a simple and easy to understand way, making a family activity fun.

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What is The 303 Plan?


The 303 Plan is designed to prompt you into bringing your family together and while your family is together, taking a look at your safety in the home.

The 303 Plan addresses important questions like:

What would you do in case of a disaster?

Where would you take your family?

Where could you go that was safe from fires, tsunamis, or earthquakes?

How could you get there?

What would you take with you?

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